Who is AL-Sheikh Youssef Ftouni?

During the coronavirus pandemic, which spread fear throughout the global community, Sheikh Youssef Ftouni emerged as a prominent figure. This was evident through the deaths of hundreds of doctors around the world from various medical specialties, may God have mercy on their souls, as they sacrificed themselves to save humanity. Among them were dozens of professors, whether from Lebanon or abroad. During that time, Sheikh Youssef Ftouni declared that the topic of the coronavirus was very simple. He interacted with dozens of COVID-19 patients through live broadcasts and did not get infected or affected by the virus. What were the techniques and foods he used, and what measures did his patients follow to avoid infection from this virus? Therefore, Sheikh Youssef Ftouni was stronger than the coronavirus during the time of the pandemic, and millions of patients around the world sought his guidance and advice through live broadcasts, resulting in their treatment and recovery.

Therefore, Sheikh Youssef Ftouni is a scholar, researcher, and investigator in cosmological sciences and the sciences beyond nature.